Sunday, May 15, 2005

Boys' Names

Deecee has grown! She couldn't even support her head when I was there. Now she can stand up a bit. It has only been three months since I last saw her.

Speaking of babies, I've tried to think of a good name for a boy. But it has been hard. A lot of names I liked before have to be discarded because I've actually met men who have those names. And the names are now indelibly linked to them. Other names are great but I don't like the nicknames that come with them.

So far, here are some names that are okay with me:

Colin (Irish names rock!)
Connor (of the clan McLeod)
Deakin or Deacon (from Secret Garden)

Any suggestions? Don't want something that is so commonplace like John. I've had enough of the commonplace with my own name.