Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gaming and Racing

Recently started working as a temp for the Office of Gaming and Racing (sounds funny, doesn't it?) under the Department of Justice. I'm helping a panel who are reviewing the caps (or restrictions) placed on gambling machines here in the state of Victoria in Australia. It's eye-opening work as I have met mayors and members of the Parliament during the course of this assignment. One thing that surprised me is that these politicians move around like ordinary citizens, without hangers-on or a cordon sanitaire. Another thing is that they know their constituencies very well and are proactive with their approach to the gambling problem in their municipalities.

Sadly, I'll only be at this job until the end of August. Hopefully, I'll be able to find other work before my term ends. I'm thinking of applying for other office work or maybe a call centre position. One difficulty I'm having is that I can't apply for work in Communication Research or Public Relations or other Communication work here because I don't have "local experience." This is a common problem for migrants who are looking for work in their own field. One accountant I know who worked for a multi-national company in the Philippines recently moved here and was stunned that she was repeatedly rejected by companies because she hasn't worked as an accountant here. So now she's working as a volunteer in our church. I also know of two doctors who are now factory workers.

I find that it is proving really difficult to find work here but I'm relying on God's guidance for the next steps.