Friday, July 15, 2005

I enjoy looking at the trees and the gardens. The huge gum trees, the roses, the birds... I'm thoroughly a city girl so I'm not really into the plant thing but I think that I have more of an appreciation for nature now. At five pm, the birds sing a chorus and every night I'm lulled to sleep by a bird solo.

I'm also grateful that God allowed me to live in the suburb of Heidelberg. It's one of the oldest suburbs so it has that old feel to it and it is a place that inspired artists. There was a famous art school here that gave birth to influential Aussie painters. One can still see the impressionist paintings (pictured and close-up) and the views that inspired them down the road where there is a huge parkland with a river running through it. During weekends, bikers go around the dirt trails and people take a walk with their dogs.

We are really close to a train station so it's never really quiet (which is a good thing for a city girl). Plus we live near two supermarkets, three pharmacies, two clinics, more than a handful of restaurants and other things so it's convenient. This was especially good when I didn't know how to drive yet. Another very good thing is that the public library is nearby so I'm getting to borrow most of the books I used to drool over at National Bookstore. One can also borrow DVDs, CDs and magazines. And you can place holds on books through the Internet and pick them up when available. I'm currently number 12 in the waiting list for 'Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.' Neat, huh?

So this is the place I currently live in, most of the people are friendly and you get an occasional smile and 'G'day!'. The advantages are obvious and it's a charming and beautiful place. I do know that beneath the beauty, there is also a hidden, seamier side that the newspapers whisper about. There have been mafia-style shootings in the past and other things but I'm glad I haven't seen this 'dark side' for now.

Melbourne and I are still getting to know each other and I'll try to go off the beaten tourist paths more. This will especially be the case when Gryphon comes because he's more adventurous. However nice it is in the Land of Oz though, there is still no place like home.