Thursday, August 25, 2005

Birthday Thoughts

Someone very close to me sent me this SMS:
'Happy Birthday to you. Hope d day will stil b as special even f ur alone, w/o money n prmnent job.'
I knew beforehand that my aunts would be in the Philippines during my birthday so I decided that I would celebrate the day alone. I have never done this before, having been brought up on birthdays complete with cake, photographs, spaghetti, fried chicken, rowdy family and friends. My flatmate could not understand why I wanted to do this and I guess my reasoning is that it's a milestone getting to the BIG 3-0 and going out with friends would make it seem like any other birthday. I mean of course I would have wanted to celebrate with my husband, my parents, my siblings, extended family, new family and lots of friends - the whole shebang. But in the absence of that, I did not want a dim echo.

However, my birthday still turned out great. Family and friends remembered and greeted me. (Thank you very much to all of you, you know who you are). I felt so appreciative of the wonderful people God has planted into my life. My aunt gave me a beginner's cook book before she left while my flatmate gave me an apron with funny captions feeding my cooking obsession further.

I was able to have a meaningful quiet time with God. My hubby and I had a long phone call and we recalled why we fell in love with each other. We promised each other that once he gets here in Australia, we would have a second celebration of both our 30th birthdays. I was also able to finish the major editing assignment that was due today. And I honoured a family tradition - I bought some KFC and enjoyed all the calories!

Going through the Purpose Driven Life book, I have been struck with the notion of how short life is, how fleeting. And it is true. I still feel like I've only turned 22 and just found the love of my life. But the book tells of how there is an eternity with God that is waiting. That is a comfort to me as I now realise that I will probably never accomplish many of my goals and dreams. I will never learn all I want to know. What is important is the day-to-day living for God and accomplishing His purpose in our lives. That's why I'm glad that although the text message I received pointed out all that I lack, it ended with this thought:
'Gods testng ur faithfulns n trust n him. We miss you.'