Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Off to Work

I was off work for two weeks in July when my supervisor was in Ireland and the ministers of Parliament I am working with had a break in their sessions. Started working again for the Department of Justice on July 20 and this week, my boss asked me to come in for four days instead of three. I praise God for that because I need to pay for the car registration soon so the extra income is welcome.

It truly is wonderful working for this department. I enjoy learning about the government system in Australia. And I'm getting to edit and do a bit of writing so it's not all drudge work. Another bonus is the fabulous views out the glass walls of the office. Pictured is the view from my desk. The greenery is part of the Treasury Gardens and the big round structure in the distance is the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, usually shortened to MCG or even 'The G'. A lot of Aussie rules football is played there which is a really big sport here.

Applied for four jobs last July but was knocked back (turned down) for all of them. So now I'm looking for new job opportunites. I hope to get something with the promise of going permanent and full-time as this will assist in Gryphon's visa application, not to mention renting our own place later.

I've also started going to a Book Editing class last July as part of my postgraduate studies. Every Thursday evening, I go to one of the old buildings at RMIT (pictured) and get to learn more about one of my passions. We are currently doing a lot of copyediting exercises.

There are days when I feel lonely, depressed and ask God what I'm doing here. There are times when I wish I was in the Philippines like last Sunday when Gryphon's niece was dedicated to the Lord and I was ninang (godparent). It would have been a great time of celebration. But I honestly would not replace everything God has taught me and everything that has happened to me since I came here. I once had a very sheltered life, now I can feel a little of the cold wind and it's painful. But the Lord keeps on reminding me of the words He once said to Paul when he pleaded with God to remove the thorn on his flesh:
My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor 12:9).