Friday, September 23, 2005

Last Days

My last working day for the Department of Justice was great. After only 3 months and change, I felt that I had bonded with the team. They were nice and smart and I enjoyed the friendly chatter. Two newbies, Stef and Kyri, even became my walking buddies every Tuesday. And Susan, my supervisor, was wonderful and she agreed to become my referee when I apply for jobs.

We had lunch at the Shark Finn Inn and during the afternoon, they bought some bottles of champagne which we tasted just before 5 pm. Grabe, it was great. Such a contrast to when I left my last workplace. No one was really talking to me and people felt that I had betrayed the "family." Here's a pic of the loot I got. I'll always remember my stay there and I look forward to hearing about the final report I worked towards. And even this week, got two phone calls from the people there so they are serious about keeping in touch.

Was finally able to get my new passport last Thursday with my new surname. Haha! I basically have all the documents that are needed to on my part to apply for Gryphon's visa.

What else? Had an interview with a large financial services company this week. They said that they would call this week if I'm successful but no call.... so basically, it's back to the drawing board.

P.S. The Cheap Eats book given by Susan is a list of good but not-so-expensive restaurants in Melbourne and Victoria. She and I talked a lot about restaurants, she gave several recommendations and she loves Asian food.