Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spring is In!

Since it is now September, it is officially spring in Australia. One of the early signs of spring are the beautiful pink chrysanthemums that line the streets.

Hope is also 'spring-ing' in my heart. Will be getting my tax refund soon and it's just enough to cover my husband's visa application fee. Woohoo! And I'll be getting my new Philippine passport soon as I had to have it renewed, with a few complications along the way. Either way, things are turning up and I think Gryphon will finally be able to lodge his application in October. There are still some requirements we need to take care of but it's shaping up!

Despite regularly forgetting to water them, my herbs are also looking good. I think they look a bit bigger now which is great. Looking forward to using some of the thyme soon to cook a chicken dish.

My stay in the office at Spring Street will be coming to an end this week. I've sent an application to one company but will need to send some more. In the meantime, I'll hopefully be getting more work from my employment agency. So I'm also a bit anxious about the future. But I know that God is helping me to work through the circumstances. After all, He has been providing for the two years I've been in the Land of Oz (landed here in September 14, 2003).

So welcome spring and hello lower electricity bill (we won't need the heater soon)!