Thursday, November 17, 2005

Me as a Romantic Heroine

Took this fun quiz and I think the result is accurate. Always wanted to be a romantic heroine in a great movie, preferably "When Harry Met Sally". That's one of my favorite movies because it's so witty and when I watched it, I realized that I wanted to be best friends first with whoever I fall in love with. And that's exactly what happened between me and Gryphon.

Didn't really like "Serendipity" but I think Kate looks great and so do I (hehe)! I think dear hubby will approve.

Sarah Thomas
You're Sarah Thomas
(Kate Beckinsale - 'Serendipity')

You exude fun and intelligence, but you're often
unsure of your decisions. You think and rethink
until you're sure of the path to take, but many
times it's all a matter of the heart.
You rely on chance to control your life - though
it's a habit you've tried to break and perhaps
already have. But you still lack spontaneity.

You may express yourself in any number of ways, but
mostly with words.

You're booksy and artsy. You love music and
psychology. Your style is classic/eclectic.

All in all, you're the Thinker

Which Romantic Comedy Heroine Are You?
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