Monday, December 26, 2005

2005 Wasn't Happily Ever After

2005 has been one of the most memorable years of my life. As many of you know Gryphon and I finally got married after seven years of being together. That was such a romantic day and will no doubt always be a highlight in our lives.

However, the rest of the year has been a long struggle. I was desperate to get out of my dead-end administration job but I could not get another permanent job. Things escalated at work so I got out. After sending a hundred applications, I applied to work as a temp. Was able to get steady work. But it was irregular and it meant that I did not have enough capital to get Gryphon here. I could get an aunt as co-sponsor for Gryphon's visa application but it would be very difficult going financially. Even without him, I was struggling. As I was telling my sister-in-law, I have really learned to be more cautious with money this year. Only spending when needed. Keeping a list of people to buy presents for and sticking to it. And keeping away from the hairdresser as long as I can.

We really started working for the visa application in earnest in October and found a lot of rivers to cross along the way. I cried over each one of them as each one meant another delay to our reunion. He was finally able to submit all the papers during the last week of November. Or so we thought. Days before his interview we got word that he needed a Certificate of No Marriage which we thought was only needed for prospective fiance visas. But turns out that they had amended the checklist this year. What with the delay in getting that piece of paper, Gryphon will be interviewed in January. Then we were told that it will take a few more months for processing.

God though has wrought a miracle. I thought I would be stuck working in administration a lot longer and continue dreaming of the day I get to work in Communications again, especially in my dream job of Publishing. When I got a temp assignment in an education company for the insurance industry, I thought only that it would tide me over until Christmas. Then I would start looking for permanent work again come January. But an opening for a Project Officer in Online Learning/Admin Support became available in late November. It involved administration but more importantly, it is also partly online publishing. Here was my chance to get back to Communications. Online publishing was something I wanted to do even with my former job in the Philippines. And the administration part includes securing copyright, etc. It literally set my pulse raising looking at the job ad. Then when I looked at the package it was higher than the minimum set by Centrelink for me to sponsor Gryphon!

I was so nervous and so eager to get the job that I did not have a great first interview. The very things I did not want to say came out of my mouth. But praise God because I did well in the practical part and my resume was good so I was invited for a second interview. I was encouraged to be more expansive. I really find it hard to do the "confident-I-have-what-it-takes-so-pick-me" sort of thing that is required but I managed. By the grace of our Lord, the job was offered to me last December 22. I will start my new role on the 3rd of January. After two years, I'm back to editing and working with html.

So for now, I dearly want to say goodbye to all the heartaches of 2005 and finally be with the love of my life in 2006. And to begin a job that is dear to my heart. It is solely by God's grace that I have gotten to this point. I am still learning how to budget and how to cook but I am thankful that I was forced to start learning. I so look forward to looking for a new place to call home and to prepare for Gryphon's arrival.

To all of you who have supported us through your kind words and prayers, thank you very much. Sorry if I have been quiet in this blog for many months. It's just that I have taken the opportunity to talk to my husband and family whenever I'm online. And I did not want to fill my posts with the discouragements I was feeling. And to those who have sent me online cards, thank you. I won't be able to reply for a while since I do not have access to a PC for several weeks. Anyway, see you in 2006! Good things do come to those who wait (or who are forced to wait).