Saturday, March 18, 2006

On The Move

I am pretty sure my bones, joints and previously un-used muscles will be aching tomorrow. Took the day off to start moving some of our stuff to the new flat. So today, did four trips - from one 2nd floor flat to another 2nd floor flat. Tomorrow will be the big day when we have two movers and a truck to help us. The plan is to go to my aunt's house and pick up some furniture and a fridge there and then to my flatmate's aunt's house to get furniture we purchased from her and some freebies thrown in.

Finally, they'll come to our flat and get all the big and heavy furniture and books. Then to the new place. It will be massive and we'll also have to clean up our old flat to get the bond back as well as get the carpet steam cleaned. But we have until Sunday to do that.

One thing that helped me with my solitary work today was being able to go around the new flat - I noticed that there are some things that need to be repaired like the broken toilet bowl and the skewed light fixtures. But there is a lot of shelf space in the kitchen and we'll now be able to see the cans and dry food that we actually have (right now, we put them in shelves that are high up). There are also more cabinets and things. And we'll have our own washing machine instead of waiting our turn in the communal laundry. Finally, we won't have to hear all the train announcements and hear the monthly "loud" cleaning up of the train station.

Talked to our phone and Internet provider and unfortunately, we'll only start having access on the 27th of March. So to those who sent emails, sorry I wasn't able to answer because of the craziness of this week. But once we have access to the Internet again, I'll definitely reply. Anyway, again, thanks for the great emails and the great wishes for our new life together.