Friday, March 10, 2006

The Visa Cometh!

The happy day has come! After more than a year of tears and frustration and prayers - GRYPHON HAS HIS VISA! It arrived today and I was at the office when he told me. I gave a shriek loud enough to be heard in the whole department so now everyone at work knows the good news.

When Gryphon and I got married in January of 2005, we would never have envisioned that we would be apart for more than a few months. But there were many problems encountered along the way and by the time our anniversary arrived, he still had not been interviewed by the Australian embassy.

The next time we heard from the Embassy was February 20 when they told him that his application was now in the final stages of processing. But we didn't know exactly what that meant. Did it mean days, weeks or months of waiting? Everyday was literally an agony after this because although we had been disappointed many times, our hearts continued to hope.

When I was looking at the possible schedule for our (my flatmate and I) move to a bigger and better flat, I was telling Gryphon that I wish he could come to Australia after our big move on the 18th of March. So we actually wrote down the 26th of March in our calendars as his day of arrival. I guess it was to keep ourselves from being depressed (although it DID not work). That way, I said, he could be here a week before his birthday and a week after the busy move. Gryphon had told me dozens of times that thinking of celebrating another birthday apart just ripped his heart to shreds.

So you can imagine our joy and the overwhelming sensations we both felt today. Gryphon was dancing and laughing and crying and shouting all at the same time. I seriously loved every person I met today. I don't think I've hugged so many people in my life. We will finally live together as husband and wife and start on a life together. And believe me, this has been a long time coming - Gryphon was actually my boyfriend for about 7 years before we got married!

To everyone who has supported us and prayed with us throughout this drawn-out wait, thank you so very much. All praise to God from whom all blessings flow!