Saturday, April 01, 2006

No Longer Giddy... But Feeling Bliss

It has been a week now since my husband has come to Australia. That first day, it all seemed surreal seeing him at the airport and actually getting to talk to him and hug him. Then when we tried to have an afternoon nap, it was strange having someone else in the bed... and snoring loudly to boot.

That evening, we were able to go the Bible Study and then our flatmate's birthday the next day. And we have been going around trying to get things and buy things needed now that we are in our flat and now that Gryphon is in Oz. We are essentially newlyweds and it is bliss. I no longer have to go to shops alone, etc. Last Monday, we went to the groceries and it was so natural just buying food and toiletries with him. When I wake up, I usually find that he is hugging me and it is joy to just stay in that embrace.

Gryphon is experiencing Australia for the first time and seeing everything with fresh eyes. He kept on asking where all the people were. Coming from a city of 11 million (Manila) to a city of 3 million (Melbourne) which is also bigger in terms of area, it was strange to him to see few people along the streets. He also noticed the maple trees that line our street and kept on comparing this place to Baguio and Cavite. He even noticed that the stars are different.

I'm also happy because other people are happy for us. One officemate gave us champagne, another gave us Haigh's chocolate (really good), still another a bouquet of red roses and white orchids and my former manager even gave me a new blouse. Yesterday, we had lunch with a young Filipino couple and their two little girls... they were so welcoming towards him.

We opened a new joint bank account and Gryphon was amazed that the bank people were actually happy to have our business and took the time to know what we needed the bank account for. It was such a contrast to our earlier experiences with banks in the Philippines where the staff behaved like they were doing us a favour when we opened our bank accounts and we were intruding on their time.

Last night, my good lady friends Jo and Marc went with us to a wonderful award-winning Indian restaurant named Cafe Saffron (link 1 & link 2), the food was in a word - orgasmic! The owner noticed that we were having a difficult time ordering so he took our menus away from us, told us that he will "take care" of us and actually ordered the food. The entree was a spice-encrusted meat dish coupled with some crisp bread. Then the feast came comprised of their signature dishes. I cannot tell you the names of any of them but they were delicious. Made me rethink my total concept of Indian food as being weird smelly. These were just bursting with flavour. The manager even gave us complementary desserts which we all loved. Then we all went to our new flat and brought out Gryphon's birthday cake and he blew the candles. A (our flatmate) came home and we all had a great time - Jo and Marc gave Gryphon mugs, chocolate and candles and they even paid for the dinner! They left our place at 3 in the morning.

Anyway, have a lot of pressures at work and in school right now and it's really stressful but Gryphon takes me to the train station in the morning and when I come home, he's there patiently waiting at train station and we walk the five minutes to our flat. It's enough.