Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Reds

T his is what I wrote last night when I couldn't get online:

Gryphon applied for his first job in Australia last Wednesday. The role was for an Instructional Designer (designer of learning materials, usually for distance education). They interviewed him last Friday and that same afternoon they offered him a six-week job! They even told him that his American accent helped because the clients they design learning materials for are American companies. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles! It can only be God's hand and the help of AMES. We made the right decision for Gryphon to enroll in the Skilled Professional Migrants' Program at AMES which has only been running for the past two years. They polished his resume and cover letter and helped him prepare for the interview.

Off he went Friday morning wearing a suit, the first time I ever saw him in one. At around five he called me up with the news and I was struck dumb. He actually got the position he was gunning for - a job that would combine his techie and teaching skills! Of course, he'll have to go back to school soon to acquire qualifications recognised by Oz. But tonight, he is excited and nervous and scared and constipated but oh so grateful!

Monday night:
Gryphon is currently snoring away all tired from his first day at work. He couldn't sleep last night and kept waking up in fits and starts. He even got up at 5:00am eventhough we normally get out of bed at 6:30am. I can understand the anxiety. I think most of us feel that way when confronted by huge change or opportunity. I know I felt that way as well... you feel that you might not have the right stuff. From our chats tonight, I can sense the tension he is feeling. Everyone else in the office is more experienced in this field, it's going to be a full-on job and they have a rigorous quality assurance process. But it is a challenge I know he wants to have and one he's willing to take. One that he has actually been spoiling for even when he was in the Philipines.When in Oz...

A common way of saying goodbye is "See you later!", normally abbreviated to "See yah." This doesn't mean that the person will see you later. In fact, I've had a customer service representative tell me this over the phone.

Tomorrow, he said that he'll bring fruit for lunch since everyone else brought one... the office acculturation is starting! He looked nice wearing a suit today (the same suit) and will definitely need more office clothes. They want him to go to the office in the city for his first two weeks. Then work from home but attend meetings in the city every Friday.

When it's Monday and you feel sad, you say you have the Monday blues. But today, Gryphon had an intense day - excitement, joy and fear all rolled into one - so I'll call it the Monday reds.