Monday, June 05, 2006

First Semester Now Over

'No more teachers, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks....' Yehey or as they say here - Yay! Just finished all the requirements of the first semester last Saturday. It wasn't so much the teacher that was impossible but my groupmates. All PR bureaucrats! Our final paper which was supposed to be a pared down summary of about 10 pages ended up being a giant thing at around 40 pages. Our presentation last Saturday which should have been 36 minutes long ended up being an hour long!

No more nights of group meetings where I didn't feel I could contribute. No more conversations after class about our papers. No more trying to think of paragraphs using "Comms language" which were nothing more than fluff. No more being shot down and criticised for my presentation style. No more five emails a day with 1 MB attachments of the latest draft.

Seriously, it was God's grace and my husband that sustained me.When in Oz...

Mom is spelled Mum. So of course, Mommy becomes Mummy which is funny.
I wanted to drop this subject so many times. But through the encouragement I received, I went on. There were nights when I would come home and just head straight for bed. So now, I'm looking forward to relaxing times until the last week of July when classes resume.

Next semester, I'll have to write a thesis proposal as the final output. I'm giving myself two weeks of rest before I start thinking of a topic or even a general area of interest for my thesis.

Gryphon's job is going well. Yay!