Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Fairy Alphabet

Ifinally found a copy of the "Fairy Alphabet" from Sesame Street which I loved when I was a child. I thought I would never see this again.

When in Oz...

Ærynn and I love to cook, and in order to cook, one must have ingredients. So, we didn't think that it would be difficult to find those ingredients. We are living in an English-speaking and yet multi-cultural country after all.

Until we discovered that there are just so many names for even common ingredients that we didn't know about until too late. For instance, we had to put up with thin soups and crumbly chicken before we realized what Aussies called corn starch—corn "flour".

Below is just a short list of other ingredients:
  • Bell pepper="Capsicum"
  • Egg plant="Aubergine"
  • Chicken="Chooks"
  • Sandwich="Sanger"