Thursday, March 31, 2005

Girl Name2

Sabrynna? No way! We should go for the classic Sabrina. After all, our daughter will one day read the poem she was named after. And watch the movie as well. I think it would be better if her name is spelled the way it is spelled in the poem and movie!

As for the other names, well... kinda lukewarm about them. But impressed that Gryphon has come up with a list! What about boy names?

Girl Name

If my firstborn happens to be a girl, Ærynn and I have already agreed on Sabrynna Joy (well, we haven't agreed on the spelling yet; I want it to be extraordinary while she doesn't want it to be attention-calling).

Anyway, just in case I get more daughters than sons here are some possibilities (in no specific order):
  • Glynnis Claire
  • Rhiannon Jo
  • Phoebe Cynthia
  • Eowyn Claire
  • Amalthea Claire

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Passport has finally arrived!

On the off-chance that the people at the DFA would not need my marriage license and consequently I would not have to tell them that I am married to somebody who is a permanent resident in Oz,Image hosted by which would therefore mean that I wouldn't have to go to the Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO)... whew! I went and applied last Tuesday, just before Silent Wednesday. Everything went well (all they asked of me was my Birth Certificate, my NBI Clearance and photocopies of my SSS Card); so that I wouldn't have to go back, I paid extra so that it can be delivered to me at home.

And, finally, it has been delivered to me, exactly one week later! Now Ærynn (my wife, whom I previously referred to as V-) suggests that I try getting the Statutory Declarations and photocopies of our letters, photographs, etc., if I am not yet calling the Oz embassy. Anyway, I am sifting through the documents Ærynn sent me so that I would know the next steps I would take.

It is exciting, yes, but also scary. I will be leaving the country of my birth; but as long as I can be with my wife again, I know I will be okay.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ærynn Hildr's First Post

Nothing deep or anything. Just making a test post. Might change this later to something more... I don't know...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Follow this link

Just a link that will explain audio formats. This is just for me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Monday, March 14, 2005

Sadness and Nostalgia

Ever since Dad was told that he was going to undergo "mandatory retirement", he had been very sentimental and nostalgic. Actually, all of us are upset by this. Mom had finally felt that she has settled down here, Dad is beginning to enjoy the intellectual challenge of teaching students (even if he feels overworked and underpaid for his job as registrar also). E- is finally graduating, and we had been hoping he could apply for a teaching position in the Philippine Christian University (PCU) after he does; he can live with Dad here and both will be members of the faculty.

Dad and Mom, of course, had known that this would be a good place to live and work until Dad retires, but they didn't think that retirement was literally just around the corner. Dad just seems so "not old"; people who retire are those who's hair is gray or white, who walks with a cane and had some disease in their internal organs. Not Dad. Mom doesn't understand why there is such a thing as "mandatory retirement"—if one can still work, if one still desires to work, why shouldn't that one be allowed to work as long as that one can? Dad, on the other hand, had always been a defender of policy, so he will follow the ruling; but he still feels upset, since he still feels strong enough to work. In fact, ever since the birth of D.C., he has never felt younger or more energized. Sometimes, I think that one of the reasons that Dad likes going to work is so that he can show others the baby pictures of his granddaughter.

E- and F- are, as usual, much more vocal in their being upset, and much more prone to the "conspiracy" angle of it all; and I must admit, I am one with them on this. For instance, Dad has been denied a teaching post for a long time, so that his claim to being a member of the faculty would be shaky (even though the reason why he was here was because he was offered a teaching position; I saw the letter). When he finally got those teaching units, he wasn't paid according to his real worth because of the misconception that, just because he was a registrar, he was therefore "staff" and, since he had extra honorarium for that, he didn't need a raise. )Dad writes about his feelings concerning that here.) Then, all of a sudden, he is faculty again, because "staff" can stay as long as they want, but faculty would have to be retired at age 65.

I feel bad for Dad. He has been enjoying his classes. Thanks to his Blogs and to the high-speed internet provided for by the seminary, he has been writing more and his intellect is no longer stagnant. I also feel bad for Mom. She has become very sweet and nice, and both have become healthier and happier. To thrust Dad back into the loop of ecclesiastical politics, where his writing would consist of dumbing down his sermons just so that his members wouldn't think he's elitist of boring, where Mom would, once again, feel the everday stress of living in a fishbowl—this is just too cruel. At their age, too!

We can't change things. It is unfortunate, but we can't change things. And I feel bad that I can't be there for them while they are going through all of this, since I am leaving the country. E-, in fact, has told me that I shouldn't bother about it anymore, since I will be away. But one cannot stop caring for one's family, if one truly loves them, just because one is a continent and an ocean away.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

UPDATE: Passport Application

I will have to definitely put my foot down concerning my application for next week. I was going to go yesterday, but that got derailed. I was preparing last night to go this morning but that, also, was derailed. My twin brother E- had been struggling to finish all his requirements in school so that he could graduate this March, but because he has been sick I went and helped him. I haven't had that much sleep for the past two nights just helping him, but finally (unless he has some hidden requirements I don't know about and which I have to help him with) all is done. And I can post.

As I was preparing my own requirements for the application of my Passport, I hit upon a snag. Up until now, I had assumed that the next step in getting my passport was to visit the Department of Foreign Affairs in Pasay City and submit my fully accomplished form with three 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm colored photographs of me wearing decent attire, white background, blah-blah... Well, as I was reading the fine print at the back of the form, I found this (I.E.3.) as a requirement before I even step foot inside DFA premises:
For fiancées and spouses of foreign nationals
- Original and photocopy of Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Guidance and Counseling Certificate of Attendance.
Oh, dear! I overlooked something! It isn't V-'s fault for not having told me (actually, it's nobody's fault but mine) that I needed to go get this before I apply for a passport. Even though V- isn't actually an Australian yet, she is a permanent resident there and, if I don't want to be caught up in a snafu, I would have to at least find out if I need this. And this has more requirements, like photographs, registration fees (arrrgggghh!) and all that again.

Another snag is that the DFA chose this time to change the format of their old application form into this new one. Arrrrrrrrrggggggggghh!!! My photos are pasted into my old one! I would now have to tear it off and accomplish the new one.

So, my schedule then for next week is to go to the CFO to attend the Guidance and Counseling seminar; I just hope that their schedule is still current (only way to find out is go there six hours early, like the way our Marriage counseling was done). Then try to go to the DFA and submit all my requirements. Then wait for V-'s package, then work on my VISA. It is all very stressful, but I would do all this just so I can hold my wife in my arms again. Now, all I have to do now is write down our "love story" (how, oh, how am I supposed to prevent myself from being unbearably and pathetically cheesy?).

Update on Passport Application

Okay, so I could only post just the shortest of posts using the phone. That last post was from my phone. I couldn't eMail anything longer than that. Sheeeesh! The complete post, as it should be had it all been sent, is as follows.

Well, I thot I wld be going 2 d DFA 2day, but I wasnt able 2. Ther r a lot of stuff w/c, if I had servants, I wldnt nid 2 do. Stuff lyk laundry, arranging my own stuff... u knw, that sort of thing. Plus d fact that m livng w/ my folks agen, so m busy again. Now, m also helpng Jrdn meet his last requirmnts. Y? Will discuss that latr. Sigh...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Update on Passport Application

Well, I thot I wld be going 2 d DFA 2day, but I wasnt able 2. Ther r a lot of st

Straight From Cell

I am tryng 2 post this on Blogspot straight from my cellphone.

Okay, Blogging with the Palm was over-rated

When I first created this Blog, it was because my Palm device had the capability to write posts for publishing later. That is, I write in on the Palm device and then, when I connect it later to the PC, it would upload and publish it.

The disadvantages and the inconveniences came almost immediately. For one thing, I can write one, and absolutely only one post on the Palm before it becomes useless for further "posting". Another thing is that, if I have to connect the Palm to the PC to hotsync and, therefore, upload my post, why shouldn't I just type my post once I am online. Why use the Palm anyway.

That's the real reason why this Blog has been relatively empty. Most of the "keeping up" with the marriage plans were done via eMail.

Still, the lure of true mobile posting was just out of reach, still tantalizing me to find a way. When my wife bought me a new cell phone just before we got married (we got married January, she bought me the new phone December), I found that it could send eMail. I remembered that one can "post" by sending it via eMail to this Blog, and though the idea played with me for this past two months, I have only been able to really work it out now. Finally, I can just SMS eMail my post to this Blog.

The prime disadvantage of this is that I cannot make really long posts. But that's all right, as long as I can make posts. If, for instance, I can SMS just the idea I may want to further develop later, then I would be happy.

That explains all the "test" posts all over the place.

A Test Post for the Yahoo! Group

Just checking to see if my Blog posts automatically get sent to those on my mailing list.

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This is from Google Mail.

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Blog: A Test Post

I am tryng 2 post this on Blogspot using my cellphone.

Just A Test

Publishing to Blog via eMail.

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