Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Okay, Blogging with the Palm was over-rated

When I first created this Blog, it was because my Palm device had the capability to write posts for publishing later. That is, I write in on the Palm device and then, when I connect it later to the PC, it would upload and publish it.

The disadvantages and the inconveniences came almost immediately. For one thing, I can write one, and absolutely only one post on the Palm before it becomes useless for further "posting". Another thing is that, if I have to connect the Palm to the PC to hotsync and, therefore, upload my post, why shouldn't I just type my post once I am online. Why use the Palm anyway.

That's the real reason why this Blog has been relatively empty. Most of the "keeping up" with the marriage plans were done via eMail.

Still, the lure of true mobile posting was just out of reach, still tantalizing me to find a way. When my wife bought me a new cell phone just before we got married (we got married January, she bought me the new phone December), I found that it could send eMail. I remembered that one can "post" by sending it via eMail to this Blog, and though the idea played with me for this past two months, I have only been able to really work it out now. Finally, I can just SMS eMail my post to this Blog.

The prime disadvantage of this is that I cannot make really long posts. But that's all right, as long as I can make posts. If, for instance, I can SMS just the idea I may want to further develop later, then I would be happy.

That explains all the "test" posts all over the place.