Thursday, March 10, 2005

Update on Passport Application

Okay, so I could only post just the shortest of posts using the phone. That last post was from my phone. I couldn't eMail anything longer than that. Sheeeesh! The complete post, as it should be had it all been sent, is as follows.

Well, I thot I wld be going 2 d DFA 2day, but I wasnt able 2. Ther r a lot of stuff w/c, if I had servants, I wldnt nid 2 do. Stuff lyk laundry, arranging my own stuff... u knw, that sort of thing. Plus d fact that m livng w/ my folks agen, so m busy again. Now, m also helpng Jrdn meet his last requirmnts. Y? Will discuss that latr. Sigh...