Friday, September 10, 2004

A Rant on Martial Arts Planet

(Actually, more of a wail of complaint)

This was intended to be posted on a the "Coming to god!" forum on the Philosophy section of Martial Arts Planet. After engaging in this kind of debate for some time, I now know why the Bible declares "And the fool said in his heart 'There is no God.'" For some reason, I thought that even Atheists would respect reason and logic, much more than some people with religion. Instead, I find that they can be as dogmatic and as close-minded as the worst of us. If people are to be truly honest, one cannot discount the fact that there is just too much phenomena that points to there being a God. This was my post, but you are welcome to wade through the entire agonizing thread of what is essentially "Christian baiting" (that is, if you can).

Read, especially, the reactions to my post. Mahirap dito is that kung napikon ka naman, talo ka instantly, pero kung napikon sila, panalo sila. So unfair. So biased. Kainis. And some of the Christians on the thread are just plain silly that it makes Christianity look silly. Mas kainis.