Monday, August 15, 2005

An open, screened window.jpg

Moblog: There are times when people will claim to have minds that are as open as windows, but are still screened and filtered.

When Yancey talks about the hypocrisy of Moody College, it hardly hurts Pinoys since the common, typical Pinoy will not have come from Moody College.

But talk about UP, Ateneo or even DLSU and a lot of Pinoys see red.

Yet the only way we can ever open any window here in Pinas is to put screens, filters on them. To keep flies out, I suppose. To keep the bad things away. So, maybe it isn't always a bad thing. Maybe it's just easier and better to look away.

And so Yancey can talk about bitterness all he wants; his objects are just too far away and too far removed to affect us as little more than quaint and funny little stories. When he talks about the hypocrisy of America, the American situtation and American Christians, they wouldn't have to hurt us. He's talking about them, not us. Apparently, we don't have to see his point. We don't have to feel guilty.

Screens on windows... what a great idea.