Thursday, November 10, 2005

Colors of Christmas "teaser trailer"

I 've been trying out several free video hosts so that I can, at last, post videos here on the Blog. I tried the free service of Google Video (which is currently in Beta) and, although the video quality has not degraded, for some reason the sound has. Oh, well! It's still in Beta after all, and Google can still improve. If you want to see the Google Video version, click here.

Instead, I got better results when I tried out, which was recommended by, which is a site that provides a tutorial on how to video blog, hence the portmaneau "vlog." The initial result can be seen below.

This is the "teaser trailer" of my local church's Christmas Concert, which I made. It was shown some weeks ago during Sunday Worship services to encourage people to support, join or do both for the upcoming concert. I am very pleased with the results of this new service.