Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ethnic Invitation Rejected

My fears that the invitation I made would be seen as too "high brow" was justified after all. My sister-in-law, BH, sadly told me that her Papa wasn't all too happy (if at all) about the invitation, and would rather have one that is more "old-fashioned."

One of the things I should remember is that when people want something done, especially in something as arbitrary as an invitation design, they already have something specific in mind. I can't deny that I feel bad. I had, after all, been insanely proud of it, and I still think it was rather original. Still, it is his birthday, and if he wants abaca strings and weave, he can have it. That invitation would probably be something like this invite from a wedding site I did more than a year ago. I didn't make the invite, of course; but I used the invite design for the web site. I could have gone with that and designed the invite like this, but I have stated my reasons already why that was not possible at all this last week.

Get over it, GH! You can't please everybody...