Saturday, April 02, 2005

Myst Creators ARE Christians

I just found out that Rand and Robyn Miller, the creators of Myst, one of my favorite games of all time (and, incidentally, one of the first of many computer games I played with Ærynn before she became my girlfriend), are Christians.

Not just Christians, but PKs. Wow, how can you beat that? In this interview with WIRED Magazine, one of the reasons they say they created a "non-violent" but challenging game was because they "wanted to do something that didn't depend on violence. We have children. We have things that are important to us." Which was, as implied by the interviewer, the fact that they were Christians: "These are preacher's sons who still go to church every Sunday; they don't smoke or drink or cuss. They don't preach either. They didn't want to come on too strong with the values stuff, particularly to the guy from Wired who probably had somewhat complicated ideas about the sovereignty of Jesus Christ."

Probably the best quote in the article was when they were asked: "How has designing a whole world changed your idea of God?"

To which Rand replied: "Well, we could talk about that for hours. We thought about it a lot. I guess the simple way is to say that we know how much work it took to create Myst, and how puny and unreal it is compared to the real world, and therefore how miraculous all of creation is. Matching our experience ... it just makes us realize how great God is."

It's similar to when C.S. Lewis found that his favorite authors were Christians, back when he was still an atheist.

The full article can be reached here.